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‘There is nothing on this roll’: DoorDash customer receives completely empty Wawa sub

'Wawa, what is this?'


Melody Heald


Posted on Jan 5, 2023

A woman who ordered a sandwich from Wawa via DoorDash was surprised to find that her sub was completely empty when she went to eat it. 

The woman explained the incident in a TikTok that received 20,700 views as of Dec. 5. In the video, user Alix Haberkern (@captain_ahabb) explained that she decided to order Wawa for dinner because her car was “in the shop” and she “didn’t feel like cooking.”

“So, I got a milkshake, I got a little side of mac and cheese that I can save for later, and then I ordered a sub,” Haberkern explained. She noticed the sub was “really light,” which she quickly learned was because it wasn’t a sub at all. The “sub” she received was an empty bread roll. 

@captain_ahabb @Wawa @DoorDash I need some kind of explanation for this one lmfao #doordashfail #wawa #delivery #dinner #roll #bread ♬ original sound – Alix Haberkern

Before anyone could accuse her of only ordering a roll, Haberkern displayed her DoorDash order confirmation on the screen. The order details showed that she ordered macaroni and cheese, a milkshake, and a meatball sandwich with pork and beef. Though Haberkern had her DoorDash order confirmation, she noted that there was no receipt in her Wawa bag.

In an email interview with the Daily Dot, Haberkern explained that she has never had a DoorDash experience like this one. Luckily, the situation turned around when she informed DoorDash of the error.

“I did notify DoorDash and was given credit for the sub and extra for the inconvenience,” she wrote.

Haberkern explained that she kept the roll to “use it to make something at home” because she “didn’t want to waste it.” Despite the negative experience, she still uses DoorDash and orders food from Wawa.

“Obviously, this wasn’t a DoorDash issue, it seems the issue came from Wawa but I’m still a loyal Wawa customer,” she wrote. “I work in the food industry so it can happen, mistakes happen.”

In the comments section of Haberkern’s video, viewers shared similar experiences with ordering from Wawa through a food delivery app.

“The DoorDash orders don’t always come thru correctly into wawas system. My husband says frequently, you have to check on a separate tablet,” one viewer shared.

“The last time I ordered Wawa from Uber eats they put my drink inside the bag with my food. and my food got soggy,” a second wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to DoorDash via press email and to Wawa via contact form.

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*First Published: Jan 5, 2023, 6:12 pm CST