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‘For $2.75?’: DoorDash driver says non-tipping customer asked him to come back after she put in the wrong delivery address

'It’s always the $2 people.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Jan 20, 2023

DoorDash delivery driver and TikToker Maliek (@maliekr) has seemingly hit upon a common experience drivers are very familiar with: non-tipping customers who expect above-and-beyond service.

In the clip, he says while delivering an order he otherwise wouldn’t have picked up because of the low payout and lack of a pre-tip, he was asked to come back because of an error the customer made. Judging from the comments left by those who saw his clip, it would appear that multiple Dashers/delivery drivers have found themselves in similar situations.

Maliek details how he accepted an order on the way to where he was originally intending on going, an upper-class Houston neighborhood, and decided to “bless this bitch” and make himself $2.75 in the process.

“For those that don’t know, when you order on DoorDash it does let us know if you tip,” he explains. “It does let us know like the route, like how many miles it is, all that.”

He continues, “First of all, y’all, as soon as I accept the order I get a message like, ‘make sure my fucking fries is fresh.’ Bitch, for $2.75?”

At this point in his story, he also mentions viewers should remember her address as 214, stating that this was a vital bit of information for later on. Once he gets to the neighborhood, which he says was extremely “nice” for her to be ordering a $2.75 order from McDonald’s, he drops off the order at the listed address.

“I get probably like five to 10 minutes down the street, I get a message from the girl, her name Alyssa,” he says. Before sharing what she said to him, he pauses his story to deliver a special message of his own to Alyssa: “fuck you.”

Maliek continues, “She gon’ tell me I’m at the wrong address like I didn’t, she didn’t receive her order and I’m like, bro, when I dropped the order it sends a picture — so that ain’t got nothing to do with me at this point.”

Maliek says the DoorDash customer then tells him that she put in the wrong address — it’s 217, not 214 — and if he can turn around and get the order for her.

“For $2.75? Yeah, I told her she can go walk and get her order because I ain’t gonna get that shit,” he concludes. “I’m already on the move. Bye, bitch.”

@maliekr These people out here doing way too much #houston #doordash #fyp ♬ original sound – Maliek 😎

The Daily Dot has reached out to DoorDash via email and Maliek via TikTok comment for further information.

Some customers in the comments section said they accidentally haven’t attached tips to orders in the past but would give drivers cash upon delivery of their item. Others claimed they’re reluctant to “pre-tip” because of the number of times their food items showed up either cold or incomplete, i.e. a Dasher snuck some grub for themselves.

Others said they worked for DoorDash previously and it’s been in their experience that the lowest-paying, non-tip jobs are almost always the ones with the most demands.

Maliek wrote in the comments section of the video that if a customer is intending on tipping with cash then they should write that in the notes application or their DoorDash order if they want to be considered as a higher priority for anyone Dashing at that moment.

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*First Published: Jan 20, 2023, 2:36 pm CST