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‘It’s rude and inconsiderate not to tip’: DoorDash driver receives no tip on large Albertsons grocery order

‘Ask the real questions… why does the company worth millions pay the employee such a low unlivable wage?’


Cecilia Lenzen


A DoorDash driver well-known on TikTok for sharing aspects of his job has sparked a renewed debate about tipping delivery drivers.

The creator, the Gig Doctor (@gigdoctor), says he received no tip on a large Albertsons grocery order. He claims the incident was a perfect example of why DoorDash drivers must be “picky and choosy” about which orders they accept.

In the video, @gigdoctor shows the trunk of his car full of groceries. He explains that he had to drive seven minutes to Albertsons, wait 15 minutes at the store before the order was ready, drive another 15 minutes to the customer’s house, and then take another 5 or 10 minutes to unload the order. He was only paid $9.

“That’s just a quick idea of why it’s important to be picky and choosy,” the TikToker says in his video.

@gigdoctor Why its important to be picky about which orders you accept #doordash #doordashdriver #grubhub #grubhubpartner ♬ original sound – The Gig Doctor

The TikTok video garnered mixed reactions among @gigdoctor’s viewers. Some users questioned how customers can morally decide not to tip, while others shared that they tip well out of gratitude for delivery drivers.

“I don’t understand people who don’t tip at all!!!” one user commented. In reply to that comment, The Gig Doctor wrote, “Yep…in a country where it’s customary to tip service workers, it’s rude and inconsiderate not to tip.”

“I ordered a slice of cake & a 6 pack of brownies from Safeway and tipped $6 because I knew I was being lazy beyond acceptable and wanted that brownie,” one viewer wrote about their tipping habits.

“I tip AT LEAST 20% because I’m so thankful someone else made the trip to make my life easier,” a second shared.

A third claimed, “I always tip ridiculous because I am paying for the convenience of not getting out of my pj’s. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO.”

However, some viewers said DoorDash drivers like @gigdoctor should be more upset at companies who don’t pay a living wage than customers who don’t tip.

“At the end of the day these delivery companies need to pay drivers an hourly or a base salary I think that would help,” one user suggested.

Another user commented, “Ask the real questions… why does the company worth millions pay the employee such a low unlivable wage?”

In reply to that comment, @gigdoctor wrote, “First of all, I’m not an employee. Secondly, I do quite well…just passing on some of the advice that helped me.”

The Daily Dot previously covered a TikTok from the creator, in which he explains he doesn’t usually accept orders that pay less than $10.

The Daily Dot reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and to DoorDash via email.

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