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Marisa Losciale

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No matter what your goals are, just having them can be stressful – which is why learning how to be mindful is so important. After all, you may not be able to control your setbacks but you can control your response. And believe it or not, that can make all the difference.

But lifestyle changes like these don’t just happen overnight, and you’ll likely need some reinforcement. That’s why we recommend the Mindful Living Bundle featuring Wisdom Labs. These three courses will teach you how to implement a healthier lifestyle, use pro tips on stress management, and even explain the science behind your happiness. Interested? Good, you should be. Continue reading for the comprehensive course breakdowns.

1) Designing a Healthy Lifestyle

We could all stand to make a few positive lifestyle changes, but making them all at once is a recipe for disaster. With insight from a Harvard- and Columbia-trained physician, this course shows you how to practice healthier habits without getting overwhelmed. Whether you’re hoping to eat better, get out more, or just cut down on stress, you’ll discover science-based techniques that you can use to get on track.

2) Manage Stress Through Mindfulness

Navigate daily challenges and bring more peace to your life with help from the co-founder of Wisdom Labs, a learning consultancy focused on activating the art and science of mindfulness. Tailor-made for busy professionals, this course teaches you science-based techniques, like breathing and relaxation techniques, mindful communication practices and more, to help you manage stress and better deal with the chaos in the workplace.

3) The Science of Happiness: How to Live Your Best Life

Reaching your goals starts with having the right mindset. Featuring instruction from the Chief Learning Officer at Wisdom Labs, this course shows you evidence-based practices you can apply to avoid limiting mindsets, redirect negativity, and give yourself the positive energy necessary to pursue your highest aspirations. From improving relationships to problem-solving, you’ll come out of this course with the mental tools required to remove the obstacles standing in the way of your goals.

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