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This clever fidget toy is perfect for the unusually restless

It’s got 12 sides, man. 12!


Marisa Losciale

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If Bop It! Extreme wasn’t enough to keep you occupied, then regular old fidget toys probably don’t do the trick either. The Dodecagaon Tactile Toy might be just the thing for you to fiddle with on those long conference calls.

For those instances when the lure to download Pokémon Go again is becoming too strong, you need something to center your focus. This twelve-sided toy does just that, helping you settle your wandering mind by giving your fingers something else to do other than play on your smartphone.

There’s a unique game on each side of this dodecagon, keeping you occupied for a short break to get you back on track with actual work (like that huge presentation due at the end of the day).

Focus better with the Dodecagaon Tactile Toy – get it for $19.99 from the Daily Dot store. That’s 60% off the usual price of $49.99.


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