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Federal authorities, securing White House perimeter, fence in Lyft scooter

The nation is once again safe.


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Federal authorities have placed “non-scaleable” fences and other perimeter fencing around the White House on Monday, over concerns about protests (or celebrations) on election night. As reporter Philip Crowther noted on his walk around the newly-erected perimeter fencing on Tuesday morning, they managed to corral a Lyft scooter in the process—and he shared it on Twitter to help document the day.

Crowther, White House correspondent for France 24 and International Affiliate Reporter for Associate Press GMS, noted the trapped Lyft scooter in his Tuesday morning tweeting.

He noted on his Twitter account (@PhilipInDC), “The big black White House fence is back.” He then added, “They fenced in a Lyft scooter thing.”

His photo to document it showed a single forlorn Lyft scooter, leaning on a park bench.

He also noted that at least one piece of the fencing was left over from a concert or sporting event. It bore a giant sign reading, “Ticket Scalping is Illegal: Holders of counterfeit tickets will not be admitted.”

That prompted Crowther to quip, “Outside the White House. I didn’t know you could get tickets to it.”

He noted that a third layer of fencing was up at one of the White House entrances on Tuesday.

Crowther, in addition to his documentation of the unusual Election Day move, did a different kind of reporting. He reported the scooter to Lyft’s @AskLyft Twitter account; the person running the account asked where the missing scooter was, and Crowther broke it to them:

“I really don’t think you’ll be able to get at it. It’s behind the big black fence around the White House. Let me know how it goes.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Lyft’s press team on Tuesday on the scooter retrieval efforts, but did not hear back from them at press time.

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