Trump holding an executive older folder with a picture of Campbells soup on it


Resurfaced video shows Trump claiming soup is a dangerous weapon in the hands of anarchists

There are memes.


Siobhan Ball


Posted on Sep 2, 2020

Back in July, President Donald Trump gave a speech decrying cans of soup as the key weapon for anarchists in America today. Last night the clip made its way over to Twitter where it was met with a mixture of hilarity, despair, and memes.

Trump’s soup spiel came during a meeting with the National Association of Police Organizations’ leadership. Key quotes from his anti-soup position include:

In cities across the nation, we’ve also seen police officers assaulted with bricks, rocks, bats, Molotov cocktails, frozen bottles of water.

Somebody said last night, one of the protesters — I saw it — he said, ‘It’s only water. How can water hurt you?’ Yeah, they don’t say it’s frozen, in a bottle the size of a football. And they throw it at the police. It’s unbelievable. ‘It’s water.

‘And then they have cans of soup. Soup. And they throw the cans of soup. That’s better than a brick because you can’t throw a brick; it’s too heavy. But a can of soup, you can really put some power into that, right?’


And then, when they get caught, they say, ‘No, this is soup for my family.’ They’re so innocent. ‘This is soup for my family.’ It’s incredible.

And you have people coming over with bags of soup — big bags of soup. And they lay it on the ground, and the anarchists take it and they start throwing it at our cops, at our police.

And if it hits you, that’s worse than a brick because that’s got force. It’s the perfect size. It’s, like, made perfect.

And when they get caught, they say, ‘No, this is just soup for my family.’ And then the media says, ‘This is just soup. These people are very, very innocent. They’re innocent people. These are just protesters. Isn’t it wonderful to allow protesting?’

A lot of Twitter users were aggravated by Trump’s priorities and how he seems to think soup is a bigger threat than COVID-19 or AR-15’s.

It’s okay to bring an AR15 to a protest but don’t you go bringing any fucking cans of soup!! This seems to be Trumps position. Really??
Trump is more opposed to soup than he is to Covid
"It is as if 183,000 Americans dying from #COVID is not even a reality, instead he talks about wild conspiracies such as thugs dressed in black on airplanes, canned soup and canned beans—ladies and gentlemen, I present #DonaldTrump, President of the United States! God, help us!" pictures of Trump with Goya cans on his desk, Ivanka holding up a Goya can while smiling and Kate McKinnon from SNL holding up a sign saying "he will kill us all"

Others went the satirical route, imagining a world wherein cans of soup are legislated the way guns are. Or aren’t.

"Donald Trump: "They have weaponized cans of soup."  Possible suggestions for future soup purchases: 1. Photo ID 2. Must be over 21 3. No history of mental illness 4. No felons  Soon it will be easier to buy a gun than a can of soup  Soup doesn't kill people People kill people" drawing of a revolver loaded with a tin of Campbells soup
At the checkpoint my brow beaded with sweat as the officer went through my bag.  He pulled out my soup can & immediately armed men surrounded me.  “Wait, I have a license to carry soup!”  The militia man in line beside me picked up his AR-15 & strolled past as I was led awayFace screaming in fear
"BREAKING: Trump will sign executive order to make cans of soup illegal. #soupgate" Picture of Trump smiling and holding up a leather folder with a picture of a can of Campbells soup on it
"Soup Pantries are the new #DarkShadows of the Resistance! Viva la bouillabaisse!" picture of a selection of Campbell's chunky soup

And Seinfeld references were the order of the day, with lots of “No soup for you!” memes.

"Cannot believe my kitsch Soup Nazi tshirt just became a political statement. #soupgate" photo of a dark haired woman wearing a t shirt with a picture of the Seinfeld soup Nazi with the text "no soup for you"

Goya also got a lot of attention, making it to the trending tags on Twitter, as people suggested throwing Goya cans instead of soup cans. It’s a reference to the Trump family’s enthusiastic support of Goya foods after the CEO expressed his support for Trump. There were a lot of cracks about Goya being the approved canned food missile.

"don’t throw  good cans of soup, throw cans of  @GoyaFoods   instead. (Sponsored by Trump  )  #soupgate" Trump smiling and giving a double thumbs up behind a desk covered in Goya products
"#soup Less recoil then semi automatic rifle" picture of cans, mostly Goya beans
"Do cans of beans work as well as soup? Asking for a friend." picture of Ivanka smiling and holding up a can of Goya beans

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*First Published: Sep 2, 2020, 10:37 am CDT