paul joseph watson meltdown piers morgan

Paul Joseph Watson/YouTube

Paul Joseph Watson is having an absolute meltdown over Piers Morgan’s Twitter block

Watson says he was blocked for being more popular and ‘definitely more attractive.’


Stacy Fernandez


By Stacy Fernández

InfoWars editor and YouTuber Paul Joseph Watson is tweet-storming after noticing he was blocked on Twitter by Piers Morgan, a controversial TV personality and host of Good Morning Britain.

Twitter users seemed to welcome the Sunday morning drama. Within hours, Paul Joseph Watson was a trending search term. Twitter user and fellow YouTuber @DavidJBradley1 even called it the highlight of his quarantine so far.

In Watson’s initial tweets, which include a screenshot showing Morgan blocked Watson, the YouTuber says he was blocked by Morgan because he’d become more popular than him and “definitely more attractive.”

Watson takes to name-calling the journalist and says his “entire career is based around pretending to be annoyed by anything, including vegan fucking sausage rolls.”

Watson continues to insult Morgan in a series of tweets.

Content producer @Mike_P_Williams, who is ironically blocked by Watson on Twitter, called Watson’s tweets an “epic (but concerning) meltdown.”

Others reactions on the platform are a mixed bag.

In his only tweet about the situation, Morgan called Watson “a repulsive, racist, far-right, Muslim-hating, conspiracy theorist imbecile” and said he welcomes the YouTuber’s disapproval.


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