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The Facebook flood of 2012: 12 new Timeline apps coming
The Daily Show is among the new apps for Facebook Timeline that will soon be overwhelming your News Feed. 
Twitter now flies in Macs
Once again, Apple shows its favor to the message-broadcasting community.
The Rick Santorum ad: Please don’t call it “mud-slinging”
The 2012 campaign gets just a little stranger.
The dos and don’ts of pinning on Pinterest
If you're a business launching on Pinterest, take note.
Google to carry out localized censorship
Through the use of localized top-level domains, Google says it will be able to comply with local laws while still making the content available in other areas. 
Why Google’s trying to guess your age now
The search engine may invade your privacy, but it's so flattering!
Dot Dot Dot: Larry Page, Kim Kardashian, and iPad explosions
Welcome to Silicon Valley, where fiction is stranger than truth.
Google Minus Google: The cure for Google+?
If you're tired of Google pushing its own products in search results, this website is the answer.
Pulling the plug on PayPal
Redditors reviewed four popular alternatives for online transactions. Here's how they stacked up. 
Taking revenge on the Avenger
Paul Christoforo's inept PR for the Avenger Controller is getting reviewed—on
Tweeting like it’s 1999: A reporter relives the first dotcom boom
Writer Rebecca Wallace couldn't let go of a character she created in a novel. So she created a Twitter account for Catherine Giotto.
Yes, Apple, Google, and Facebook will think about the children
Tech giants sign on to committe for children's safety online, but parents aren't on board yet.
Google helps educate Egyptian voters
Google's "elections landing page" was created to help Egyptians make informed decisions at the ballot box through news clips and YouTube videos.   
The rich and famous have their own walled-off social network
Why mix with the masses if you don't have to? The 1% have their own online club.
Google+ gives you a hand for Thanksgiving
The latest Google Doodles gives a modern upgrade to hand turkeys—and a boost to the search engine's social network.
Give yourself a hand for Thanksgiving
The latest Google Doodles gives a modern upgrade to hand turkeys. 
How would you rate your Pepper Spray?
"Accept no substitutes when casually repressing students," reads one popular Amazon customer review of the pepper spray used in the recent UC Davis incident. 
Cooking comically
If these recipes don't sate your hunger, they'll at least make you laugh.