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The revolution will be whispered
Google cofounder Sergey Brin believes the Web is being stifled with rules and regulation. But for Chinese dissident Ai Weiwei, the people will always have the final word.  
Learn how to speak Reddit
If you don't know the difference between IAMA and AMAA, you will appreciate this handy guide to Reddit lingo.
What is the power of the Internet? Google would like to know.
Google would like you to complete the sentence "The Internet is the power to...." 
The Burmese elections will be broadcast on YouTube
Burma's elections on Sunday will be broadcast on YouTube.
How companies could go hipster
Corporate America: take notice. This is how you can appeal to hipsters (assuming you want to) takes an interest in Pinterest
Photographers have gotten the online-retailing giant, which hosts Pinterest's servers, involved in copyright disputes.
The best illustrations from Draw Something
The social-drawing game has quickly become the top download in Apple's app store. Here are some of our favorite creations thus far. 
Santorum now a bit cleaner on Google
You still have to avert your eyes when searching for the former senator's name on Google. Just not quite as much. nixes “Go the [email protected]# to Sleep” remix
The audiobook publisher's takedown of a Samuel L. Jackson video gets booed by YouTubers.
The Facebook flood of 2012: 12 new Timeline apps coming
The Daily Show is among the new apps for Facebook Timeline that will soon be overwhelming your News Feed. 
Twitter now flies in Macs
Once again, Apple shows its favor to the message-broadcasting community.
The Rick Santorum ad: Please don’t call it “mud-slinging”
The 2012 campaign gets just a little stranger.
The dos and don’ts of pinning on Pinterest
If you're a business launching on Pinterest, take note.
Google to carry out localized censorship
Through the use of localized top-level domains, Google says it will be able to comply with local laws while still making the content available in other areas. 
Why Google’s trying to guess your age now
The search engine may invade your privacy, but it's so flattering!
Dot Dot Dot: Larry Page, Kim Kardashian, and iPad explosions
Welcome to Silicon Valley, where fiction is stranger than truth.
Google Minus Google: The cure for Google+?
If you're tired of Google pushing its own products in search results, this website is the answer.
Pulling the plug on PayPal
Redditors reviewed four popular alternatives for online transactions. Here's how they stacked up.