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My family vacation [NSFW]
Gawker's Rich Juzwiak used Grindr to navigate his recent trip to Disney World's Magic Kingdom. 
Google: “Government surveillance is on the rise”
In its latest Transparency Report, Google claims the U.S. made almost 8,000 user data inquiries on just over 16,000 accounts. 
France comes after Amazon for $252 million in back taxes
The retail giant apparently avoided paying by setting up shop in the low-tax country of Luxembourg.
Your hard drive in a cloud
In case you were wondering what to get us for Christmas. 
Hacking prodigy “Cosmo the God” sentenced in juvenile court
The legendary hacker is banned from unsupervised Internet use for six years.
How to turn your TV into a 50-inch Android smartphone
Pocket TV, propelled by blockbuster Kickstarter funding, is USB drive-like device that plugsdirectly into your TV.
The Hater: Diane Sawyer is a spirit animal and other election ephemera
The Hater: The best and the worst things from the Internet during the election.
Google cofounder urges election winners to turn independent
In a Google+ post, Sergey Brin called for an end to partisan politics.
Residents use Amazon’s Wedding Registry for hurricane relief
To help with necessary supplies, three residents are using Amazon to receive donated shipments of supplies. 
3 ways to brag online that you voted
Letting your friends know you've voted increases the likelihood that they'll vote, too. So don't just update your status: say "I voted" with flair!
How Amazon exploits small online retailers
Sellers can never truely close their storefronts on Amazon, forcing them to compete against the retail giant's search engine optimization. 
Controversial iPhone app tracks down Facebook bikini photos
An app called Badabing searches Facebook for pics showing skin—and raises plenty of problems in the process.
We are not “The Breakfast Club”: A daughter’s tale
We are not The Breakfast Club anymore: teenage punishment in the age of the smart phone, in a mother/daughter two-part column.
We are not “The Breakfast Club”: A mother’s lament
We are not The Breakfast Club anymore: Teenage punishment in the age of the smart phone, in a mother/daughter two-part column.
Memoto: Capturing life every 30 seconds
This small, automatic camera captures life for you, and it's raised roughly $300,000 in funding on Kickstarter. 
John “Cougar” Mellencamp on the prowl against piracy
The singer demands that Google stop linking to any site that offers illegal music downloads, regardless of the logistics or legal issues.
Is fandom the new religion?
A "Cult of Apple" has sprung up around the company's products, but Mac fans aren't the only ones taking their fandom to religious extremes.
Sorry is the hardest word to say: The new age of apologies
Sorry is the hardest word to say... for Apple.