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Instacube frames your best Instagram shots
This ongoing Kickstarter project wants to put your Instagram feed on display. 
This TV is your new “iPad”
Your TV is about to get a whole lot smarter. 
The world’s first interactive pool table
The Obscura Digital Cuelight isn't your grandfather's pool table—not by a long shot. 
The top 50 documentaries of all time
Also in today's digest: A child from "legitimate rape" tells his tale, traffic stats from r/olympics, and Amazon's No. 1 nonfiction reviewer.
Track your Pinterest frenemies with unfollower app
Prepare for Pinterest to get passive aggressive.
What Twitter’s API clampdown means for the community
Developers are up in arms over new rules limiting the number of users a Twitter app can have, and the way tweets are displayed. 
Blue crystal candy receives “Breaking Bad”-inspired Amazon reviews
If you ask Amazon reviewers, Dryden & Palmer's Blue Raspberry Rock Candy Crystals are the hottest product on the streets.
The Hater: 2012 is 2004 all over again
The Hater has noticed that some of this week's biggest tech stories could have been ripped from blog headlines in 2004, and he doesn't like it one bit.
Craigslist drops the banhammer on PadMapper—again
In the latest development of the classifieds saga, Craigslist blocked search engines from indexing its listing. 
Obama and Romney: There’s an app for that
Romney's new VP app makes headlines, but the Obama campaign has a release as well.
Ermahgerd app helps you talk like Gersberms Girl
Redditor J. Miller developed an app to help communicate in the universal meme language of Gersberms Girl. 
YouTube Guide: “Amazon Yesterday Shipping”
Learn about Amazon's best service ever, see how Snuggies make any Beyoncé song better, and watch Joss Whedon star in a show written by a 5-year-old.
The definitive guide to Reddit Enhancement Suite
Here's a step-by-step manual for RES, a browser plugin that will forever change the way you use Reddit.  
Ouya could smash Kickstarter records
Ouya, a gaming console that would create a streamline from your Android phone to your TV, celebrated Kickstarter's most profitable first day ever Tuesday.
xkcd cartoonist answers your science questions in new blog
Ever wondered how many velociraptors it would take kill Godzilla?
The 25 most popular tags on Instagram
Here's a comprehensive look at the tags, terms, and photos that dominate Instagram.  
Mormon iPhone apps could help Romney
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has released 8 iPhone apps to date, with the help of nearly 100 volunteer developers. Can one of them help Mitt Romney at the polls this November?
Pinterest feud prompts Google Graveyard and Microsoft Morgue
Microsoft's Frank Shaw and Time magazine's Harry McCracke traded pins and jabs on Pinterest over failed products.