Marjorie Taylor Greene working out

Marjorie Taylor Greene/Twitter Mikael Thalen

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s CrossFit workout for ‘COVID protection’ gets roasted on Twitter

Internet users are mocking the QAnon congresswoman's so-called pull-ups.

Apr 1, 2021, 1:14 pm*



Mikael Thalen

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) managed to become even more insufferable this week after combining her love of conspiracy theories with CrossFit.

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In a tweet on Thursday, Greene, known to many as the “QAnon congresswoman,” shared footage of a workout that she claimed provided protection from the coronavirus.

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Greene also used the opportunity to call for the firing of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top US infectious-disease expert, who has drawn the ire of conspiracy theorists across the country.

For those unaware, CrossFit is a form of high intensity interval training. The fitness regimen has exploded in popularity in recent years and has produced plenty of detractors as well.

CrossFit has become the ire of many in the fitness industry, especially among bodybuilders and powerlifters, who argue that the workout style is not only unsafe but just plain obnoxious.

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No single CrossFit workout causes more ridicule and condemnation than the Butterfly Pull-Up. Instead of doing an actual pull-up, which requires building upper-body strength, CrossFit enthusiasts instead flail around like a dying fish.

Sure, there’s some technique involved. And okay, doing CrossFit is better than no workout at all. But let’s not pretend you aren’t just using the momentum produced by that full-body dry heave to pull yourself up.

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The Butterfly Pull-Up, as well as its cousin exercise the Kipping Pull-Up, can be shocking for those viewing it the first time. Everyone seems to innately understand at a primal level just how unnatural and absurd it truly is.

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That’s exactly what happened when Greene released video of herself flopping around: instant condemnation and ridicule.

“CrossFit pull ups aren’t real pull ups,” said @neontaster.

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Others mocked Greene’s claim that her so-called pull-ups could somehow make her immune to the coronavirus.

“Note: lifting weights does not protect you from COVID,” @BMeiselas added. “Also, this is some of the worst form I have ever seen.”

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Incredibly, even supporters of Greene couldn’t help but set their politics aside to question the congresswoman’s workout choice.

“All love for MTG but how in God’s name are those pull-ups building muscle?” @AmFirstInvest asked.

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Many pointed fingers at reports last month that accused Greene of cheating on her husband with her personal trainer Justin Tway, who, as you guessed it, teaches CrossFit.

“I’d say wow fuck your personal trainer but you literally did that lol,” @CSugarsweets joked.

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When she’s not busy inducing long-term back trauma, Greene is also making headlines for refusing the coronavirus vaccine and accusing President Joe Biden of ushering in the “mark of the beast” for discussing vaccine passports.

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*First Published: Apr 1, 2021, 12:00 pm