Jeff Bezos eating a burger


‘The divorce is going rough’: Jeff Bezos shares photo of him eating McDonald’s alone

People were surprised at his choice of meal.


Jacob Seitz


Posted on Aug 29, 2022

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos tweeted out a photo of himself eating McDonald’s on Sunday and lauded them for having the “same great burger” since he worked his first job there.

In the tweet, Bezos can be seen eating a hamburger from McDonald’s with fries and chicken nuggets, looking longingly off in the distance.

“My first job. And still the same great burger. Happy Sunday!” Bezos wrote. It was met by a number of responses from Twitter, including jokes and anger over Amazon’s treatment of workers.

One user responded with an old video of a BBQ hosted by Amazon employees for unionizing workers, which was busted by NYPD.

“Must suck realizing all the money in the world can’t make you cool or interesting,” another user wrote.

Another responded with a tweet from an apparent Amazon worker who said they were disciplined for going to the bathroom without telling a supervisor.

Others chose to clown on Bezos for his choice of meal.

“If ‘the divorce is going rough’ was a photo,” one user said.

“Further proof that all the money in the world still cannot purchase taste,” another wrote.

Amazon has been under an increased microscope as of late for alleged union-busting and unsafe working conditions. The company has also lobbied against one of the largest tech reform bills in recent memory by saying that its Prime service would fundamentally change as a result of the legislation. Earlier this month the company said it was being harassed by the Federal Trade Commission over an FTC investigation into Amazon Prime.

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*First Published: Aug 29, 2022, 12:57 pm CDT