Donald Trump in a tuxedo.


Fake Trump Christmas card showing him as a giant penis fools the internet

It's not real, despite people wanting it to be.


Claire Goforth


Published Dec 6, 2021   Updated Dec 6, 2021, 2:07 pm CST

A fake Christmas card purportedly from former President Donald Trump is making the rounds. The card, in which Trump bears an uncanny likeness to an ejaculating penis, has the internet fooled.

The card features Trump in a tuxedo, the cut of which makes his shirt appear rather phallic. A white silhouette of Santa Claus being pulled in his sleigh by the reindeer arches above his head, giving the appearance of ejaculation.

If those clues weren’t enough, his youngest son Barron isn’t depicted alongside his other children and wife, whose faces are superimposed on the Christmas bulbs above Trump’s head. Further, Ivanka, rather than Melania, gets top billing.

The card is also signed “from the Winter White House,” a moniker Trump bestowed Mar-a-Lago during his presidency that is definitively inaccurate now that he’s no longer president.

Still, the card had people fooled. “Barron” trended on Twitter on Monday.

“If I was Barron, I wouldn’t want to be on that monstrosity of a Christmas card from the ‘Winter White House’ either,” wrote one Twitter user.

The fake Christmas card made the rounds on multiple platforms. Some realized it wasn’t legit. Many were fooled, however.

“Holy fucking shit lmao God must have made this dude as a joke,” one person posted on 4chan, prompting another to write, “He actually made this his Christmas card.”

“So TFG has sent out a Christmas card depicting himself as a giant penis. Really,” one person tweeted somewhat incredulously. “With his head at the tip, ejaculating presents and reindeer.” (“TFG” stands for “that fucking guy,” which many have taken to calling Trump.)

The same Twitter user wondered, “It’s fake, right?”

Many were similarly skeptical.

But plenty of people believed the Christmas card was real. Some tweets that assumed it was authentic had thousands of impressions.

“This is the most pathetic late life crisis I’ve ever seen,” tweeted one.

As the fake card spread, others started fact-checking it. Journalist Shayan Sardarizadeh pointed out that Trump’s website has a link to buy Christmas cards that depict him from WinRed.

The authentic cards, which are $10 apiece, bear no resemblance to the fake one.

Even as some expressed disgust that people were uncritically sharing a fake card, others pointed out that there is some precedent.

“The most disturbing thing about that Trump Christmas card isn’t that it’s fake, it’s that so many people could actually see Trump doing this,” tweeted @meralee727.

“I mean, this is the same guy who retweeted a photo of himself where his head was photoshopped on Rambo’s body.”

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*First Published: Dec 6, 2021, 1:59 pm CST