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Trump campaign roasted for MS Paint job of Joe Biden’s America

‘Joe Biden’s America is better at Photoshop.’


Claire Goforth


The final hours of any presidential campaign are bound to get wild. Given the hellish rollercoaster that 2020 has been, and who the incumbent is, it’s only natural that this time things are even weirder than usual.

Today, President Donald Trump’s campaign tweeted a hilariously awful photoshop of the Washington Monument getting demolished. The pic, a fictional screenshot of CNN covering the demolition, is captioned, “This would be Joe Biden’s America.”

The image is supposedly from the “D.C. autonomous zone,” a jab at the area Seattle protesters occupied for several weeks earlier this year. It also includes the fictitious Dow Jones Industrial Average of 1,320. (The Dow’s currently over 26,000.)

The photo editing hack job so bad it would make a Kardashian cringe stood out even among these ridiculous details.

Some offered sincere image editing advice—such as removing the top part of the monument from the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, or perhaps using a program more sophisticated than Microsoft Paint.

But most just mocked and memed it.

“The Washington Monument was made out of butter the whole time!” @Procrastamom tweeted.

“We see and appreciate how hard you worked on this one,” @palvaro said.

This isn’t the first time Trump fans have gotten verklempt over the Washington Monument. Earlier this year, right-wing Twitter had a huge temper tantrum over a false accusation that protesters were planning to topple the 555 foot, 180 million pound monument by hand.

For the record, in June, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said that the government should protect monuments to Thomas Jefferson and George Washington.

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