People are freaked out over audio of Trump gushing over Taylor Swift

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‘Mr. President, she’s ugly’: Trump calling Taylor Swift ‘beautiful’ upsets his fans—who think she’s a demon

‘She is liberal. And dangerous.’


Mikael Thalen


An audio recording of former President Donald Trump discussing his thoughts on pop star Taylor Swift has the internet majorly creeped out. And is sparking some backlash from his base.

The audio, recorded by Ramin Setoodeh, an award-winning journalist for Variety, went viral this week after being aired on CNN.

After being asked about Swift, Trump went on to repeatedly describe his views on the singer’s looks at least five times.

“I think she’s beautiful—very beautiful. I find her very beautiful,” Trump began. “I think she’s liberal. She probably doesn’t like Trump. But I hear she’s very talented. But I think she’s very, I think she’s very beautiful, actually—unusually beautiful.”

Given the decades-worth of accusations and public incidents related to Trump’s treatment of women—including his own daughter, who he said he’d date if they weren’t related—internet users were more than freaked out at the former president’s interest in Swift’s appearance.

“When asked about Taylor Swift, Donald Trump used the word ‘beautiful’ FIVE TIMES,” one user wrote. “No mention of her talent. No mention of her acumen. No mention of her accomplishments. What a creepy weirdo.”

“This is creepy,” another added. “Apparently Trump secretly has the hots for Taylor Swift.”

“So cringe,” a separate user said. “He’s giving me the ick.”

But while Trump may have a sweet spot for Swift, his fans feel different.

Trump supporters have regularly accused Swift of attempting to sway the upcoming election in favor of President Joe Biden.

A recent video of Swift singing a song with the lyrics “fuck the patriarchy” was seen by some right-wingers as an effort to convince young fans to vote Democrat. Except that version of the song, “All Too Well,” is over two years old. Not only that, the concert highlighted in the clip was being performed in the U.K.

Trump supporters have also accused Swift of performing “Satanic rituals” and believe that she is part of a Pentagon psyop aimed at crippling Trump’s election chances.

And, in the face of Trump’s praise, his most ardent supporters divided themselves.

“She’s not beautiful. She is liberal. She’s also demonic and satanic. And dangerous,” wrote one in response to a post praising Trump’s political acumen for his comments.

“Mr. President, stop being nice. Shes ugly and her music is lame at best,” added another.

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