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Far-right tries to knife ‘deep state’ Doug Burgum for VP over past Trump comments

Conservatives argue that Burgum hasn’t bowed adequately enough to Trump.


Mikael Thalen


Supporters of former President Donald Trump are going after North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum (R) over remarks the Republican made last year.

Burgum, who briefly challenged Trump for the Republican nomination, is said to be on the former president’s short list of potential vice presidents, which the New York Times reports is down to Burgum and two others.

But Trump’s biggest cheerleaders are attacking the conservative politician due to their belief he is untrustworthy.

Particularly, Trump fans are upset over criticism Burgum made of the former president and instead are looking to back a potential running mate with unflinching loyalty.

While speaking with MSNBC in July of last year, Burgum said that while he would vote for Trump, he would decline to do business with the former president.

“I just think that it’s important that you’re judged by the company you keep,” Burgum said.

Despite totally reversing his position after bowing out of the 2024 primary, Burgum is still seen as a pariah among Trump’s most ardent defenders. Over on Truth Social, Trump’s social media platform, prominent users like right-wing commentator Jack Posobiec are leading the charge against Burgum by highlighting his past remark.

“In 2023, Chuck Todd asked Doug Burgum if he would ever do business with Donald Trump,” he wrote. “This isn’t some gotcha, it was just last year.”

Respondents to the post were confident Trump wouldn’t make a mistake.

“He’s obviously just toying with him regarding the VP pick like a carrot being dangled,” wrote one. “And you know Trump is enjoying it too. Burgum is kissing his backside & following him around like puppy.”

“Trump shouldn’t bow down to the Rino deep state and pick Doug Burgum for VP. He’s not a true patriot. He’s never been for Trump,” wrote another.

Conservative outlets such as the Federalist are similarly calling out Burgum, penning one such article titled “Team Trump Should Do More Vetting Before Jumping On The Burgum Bandwagon.”

The complaints are much the same on other platforms, where Trump fans dug even deeper into Burgum’s past. Numerous mentions were made of the fact that Burgum approved a land purchase in North Dakota by billionaire Bill Gates, who is the subject of numerous far-right conspiracies.

The complaints ignore, of course, Trump’s numerous meetings with Gates over the year as well.

Burgum has also expressed support for Ukraine in its fight against Russia. Given that many Trump supporters side with the administration of Russian President Vladimir Putin, that issue too has been used against the governor.

As the elections nears closer, though, it remains unclear who Trump will pick.

According to the New York Times, Sen. J.D. Vance (R-Ohio) and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) are the only other two options being seriously considered.

Trump fans, though, continue to push for hardcore loyalists, hyping Ben Carson and Rep. Byron Daniels (R-Fla.), especially given that Trump’s last tango with a more established politician gave them Mike Pence.

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