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Trump supporters keep trying to tie Ron DeSantis to George Soros

‘Fact checkers can’t stop what’s already been unleashed.’


Mikael Thalen


Supporters of former President Donald Trump are spreading an altered image that purports to show Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) in a room with billionaire George Soros.

The image, which was shared to Twitter on Friday, has been seen by more than 219,000 users after being posted by the pro-Trump user @ThroughCheated.

“No disrespect to DeSantis supporters but don’t u think it’s odd that George Soros is right there supporting the meatball?” the user tweeted.

An individual that appears to be Soros can be seen sitting at a table in the background as a grinning DeSantis is visible on the right side of the image.

While many were able to correctly identify the photo as manipulated, others expressed concern over the fabricated ties between DeSantis and Soros.

“DeSantis is part of the establishment,” one user said.

Some even tagged the official Twitter account for DeSantis, demanding that the conservative politician explain the photo.

“We need to save the country and it is not with DeSantis,” another added. “He is establishment and if Soros is there, he is definitely not good for the country.”

The original photo was first shared by conservative commentator John Cardillo, who can be seen standing next to DeSantis. The image was reportedly captured at a fundraising event in Florida on Thursday.

The post from @ThroughCheated was quickly hit with a Community Note stating that the image had been “photoshopped.” The pro-Trump user responded by arguing that the damage had already been done.

“Fact checkers can’t stop what’s already been unleashed,” @ThroughCheated wrote.

In remarks to Reuters, a spokesperson for Soros also noted that the billionaire had not attended the fundraising event held by DeSantis.

The image comes as Trump and his followers attempt to discredit DeSantis following his announcement that he would be challenging the former president for the GOP nomination ahead of the 2024 election. Soros has long drawn the ire of conservatives for his support of progressive causes. Soros has also been a longtime target of antisemitic conspiracy theories.

Trump fans have spent the past week mocking DeSantis for numerous things including his logo choice, which shows an alligator that they have deemed a “swamp creature.”

Trump also mocked DeSantis after his announcement, which was held in a Twitter Space alongside CEO Elon Musk, claiming Soros attended.

DeSantis himself has repeatedly criticized Soros, saying the billionaire is to blame for rising crime in U.S. cities.

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