Ron DeSantis gator logo for website in front of black background

Ron DeSantis

‘Literally a swamp creature’: Ron DeSantis couldn’t have picked a worse logo to please the far-right

‘Could this be the biggest communications blunder by Team DeSantis so far?’


Mikael Thalen


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) unveiled a new logo featuring an alligator on Tuesday, leading supporters of former President Donald Trump to mock the depiction as a “swamp creature.”

The image, which is currently viewable on DeSantis’ Twitter banner and website, comes as the conservative politician is expected to announce his 2024 presidential bid in a Twitter Space this evening.

While the logo is undoubtedly meant to reference Florida, Trump fans and even those on the fence wasted no time in questioning the aesthetic choice given the former president’s frequent comparison of Washington, D.C. to a swamp, which he pledged to drain.

“Look, I’m doing my best to stay neutral (for now), but using a swamp creature as a teaser for your presidential campaign seems like quite the misstep,” one user argued.

One pro-Trump account added the phrase “THE SWAMP” below the logo before questioning whether it was “the biggest communications blunder” seen thus far by the DeSantis campaign.

Far-right figure Laura Loomer likewise took the opportunity to ridicule the image.

“So he’s admitting he’s a Swamp creature? Got it,” she tweeted. “I’m amazed at how shitty @GovRonDeSantis’s political instincts are… When he loses the primary, I’m going to eat some fried gator to celebrate.”

Polls indicate that DeSantis is trailing significantly behind Trump as conservatives’ first choice for a presidential frontrunner. Yet the opposition to DeSantis appears to be rooted not so much in his policies but his inability to match Trump’s cult of personality.

“Desantis changed his Twitter banner to a swamp creature right before his Presidential bid announcement,” another added. “You can’t make this stuff up.”

Meanwhile, Musk, an increasingly popular figure among the far-right, has declined to endorse DeSantis but is reported to believe that Trump won’t win back the White House.

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