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Deplatformed: The Church of Gab

BlueSky may not be as political as some of the other X competitors, but this week a number of users were radicalized. 


David Covucci


Posted on Nov 17, 2023   Updated on Nov 21, 2023, 8:55 am CST

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1) DWAC attack

This week, in a filing to the SEC, the group attempting to merge with Donald Trump’s Truth Social, Digital World Acquisition Corporation (DWAC) revealed the free speech website launched by the former president lost $31.6 million in the past two years, as it struggled to acquire users and generate revenue

DWAC, a special acquisitions company (SPAC) designed specifically to acquire Truth Social, has struggled with the acquisition

The filing was part of an SEC securities report, which was hotly anticipated by Trump’s Truth Social base, who believed the stock was ripe to explode on its filing

Unfortunately, the report claimed Truth Social had just over $2 million in sales last year, a shocking lack of cash inflow.  

The report was dubbed “Fake news” by Truth Social itself

“Unsurprisingly, the Fake News is defaming Truth Social, reporting utterly false information, and ignoring that yesterday’s filing was a crucial milestone toward completing our proposed merger. We will take swift legal action against any outlet that republishes these false claims.”

Truth Social has been sending retraction requests to media outlets over the report. But for Trump’s base, who believe the report means the merger will happen no matter the finances, they were ready to diamond hands their DWAC even more. 

“#DWAC remains the stock to invest especially while low price shares are still available to buy ~ We are just getting started! #DWACFam” wrote one user.

“DWAC MERGER IMMANENT 🚀🚀 Purchased more DWAC & DWACW on Friday. Acquiring more DWAC & DWACW today. BUY LOW. HOLD. BUY MORE. HOLD. $75.00 $115.00 $155.00 $175.00,” wrote members in the DWAC Truth Social group.

DWAC, for its part, did not move much on the news, holding steady at around $16 a share.  

2) The IDF’s elite spermjackers 

BlueSky may not be as political as some of the other X competitors, but this week a number of users were radicalized

By dead man’s cum

“me a half hour ago: this is not a religious matter, this is about the Palestinian right to a free nation /me after learning about the IDF sperm retrieval unit: this is a holy war.”

Post on BlueSky exploded after the revelation of an IDF unit that helps retrieve sperm from dead soldiers, such that their widows could continue on the lineage. 

“It seems to me that collecting sperm is a lot easier before the person is dead but hey I’m not here to give the IDF advice,” wrote one.

“IDF: Sperm Retrieval Unit” this fall on CBS,” joked another. 

The sperm unit was featured in Haaretz this month, saying it worked “24/7″ since the war’s outbreak, and had retrieved sperm from at least two dozen soldiers. Israel shared a story on X about a failed effort, which then went viral on BlueSky, where users were shocked and appalled, and contrasted the absurd effort to save sperm with the plight of Palestinians, currently struggling to survive an onslaught in Gaza.

“IDF could offer to freeze soldiers’ sperm before they go out to battle. That would be a normal thing to do. Them collectively agreeing the best way is to cattle prod men’s assholes in the field to harvest cum post mortem is a trillion times weirder than anything any Muslim has ever done,” wrote one

3) The church of GAB backfired 

Gab founder Andrew Torba is learning that in building a Christo-fascist social media network, the base won’t worship the tech entrepreneur demigod in the way they might a non-secular site like Facebook

Torba released an image for his church on his page, which he said would be completed in 2125

The only problem? His hardcore Christian fan base is refusing to worship at the altar of a false idol

“No thanks. I’ll wait for Christ to bring in his kingdom on earth and rule from the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem,” said one.

“That would be a hard NO!! I’ll wait for Christ. Man is self-serving… PERIOD!”

Correction: This post originally misstated Truth Social’s operating losses based off reporting from other outlets.

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*First Published: Nov 17, 2023, 6:00 am CST