Alex Jones falls for AI-generated ad days after losing his company for making fake claims

Alex Jones completely duped by AI military ad days after losing his company for making fake claims

It was clearly spam.

On by Katherine Huggins

Gab logo over blurred church interior

Deplatformed: The Church of Gab

BlueSky may not be as political as some of the other X competitors, but this week a number of users were radicalized. 

On by David Covucci

Bodies covered in shrouds

‘Butt moving’: Fake videos of ‘alive’ victims pushed to refute death toll from Gaza refugee cam airstrike

The footage has repeatedly gone viral since the beginning of the war.

On by Mikael Thalen

man in hat pointing at article in background

No, the military didn’t arrest a FEMA employee over ‘mass grave site’ in Hawaii

One video about the conspiracy theory was viewed 3.3 million times.

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Homepage article image

A recent photograph of Trump looking trim is being called fake by liberals

Although edited pics were released the past, the current image does not appear manipulated.

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private plane flight logbook on map

The ‘new’ Epstein Island visitor logs going viral are old documents, manipulated lists

NBA stars who weren’t famous when Epstein was around are listed.

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The Bidens and Ukrainian President Zelensky

Conservatives fall for fake image of Biden grabbing Zelenskyy’s butt

‘What’s wrong with Joe Biden? Like seriously.’

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A small Rhesus Macaque monkey

Fake screenshot adds confusion to Neuralink’s treatment of monkeys

A fake ‘USA Today’ article is making its way across social media.

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Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas

‘He was spreading blatant misinformation’: Ted Cruz falls for fake news story claiming Muslim parents are ‘white supremacists’

The senator hasn’t commented on the issue since deleting his tweet.

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Indian flag with Meta logo

Why a bombshell report on Meta censoring posts isn’t what it appears

Meta says the sensational reports are nothing more than ‘fabrications.’

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The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh at Salisbury Train Station on Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee tour of the United Kingdom

Crypto scammers, K-Pop stans all tried to capitalize on the Queen’s death

Many accounts were posing as major news organizations such as the BBC, CNN, and Sky News.

On by Mikael Thalen

Twitter logo pattern on blue background with tweet from My Cancer Journey centered caption 'Uvalde Update: We were finally able to see my living nephews body to confirm identity. Shot in the face. While leaving to return home we were followed by what was assumed to be media, which win we do not wish to speak during this time. 4 mins after returning home a knock on the'

Viral claim Greg Abbott hounded Uvalde shooting victim’s family is completely false

‘listen, wilder things have happened but this account loves to claim a dead nephew occurred after a tragedy.’

On by Jacob Seitz

screenshots of deepfake videos

Researchers say new deepfake detection tool is 99% accurate

Researchers say the new method they’ve developed is highly accurate.

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rachel maddow with ivermectin disinformation tweet

Gunshot victims are not being turned away at hospitals because of ivermection cases, despite viral stories

‘That it’s still up on Twitter is a crystal clear example of how Big Disinfo is a political construction, not an empirical framework.’

On by Colleen Cronin

A man being interviewed.

Flight attendant’s interview about unruly passenger goes viral—but it’s not real

Twitter users are being fooled once again by fake news videos.

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