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It’s basically impossible to cancel recurring donations through Donald Trump’s website

You have to take extreme measures to stop giving money to Trump’s campaign.


Alexandra Samuels


Top GOP officials everywhere seem to be distancing themselves from Donald Trump

After the Republican nominee temporarily kicked a crying baby out of his campaign rally, battled with the family of a fallen U.S. soldier, and shared his thoughts on workplace sexual harassment, it might make sense for Trump supporters to want to throw their support—and cash—behind another candidate.

But to all the unfortunate souls who set up recurring donations to the Trump campaign, good luck. According to one disgruntled donor, there’s apparently no way to cancel your contributions to the Republican nominee. He also claims there’s no “cancel” option found on Trump’s website. 

The message from the alleged donor, who claimed the Trump campaign has not returned repeated voicemails to cancel contributions, was posted to Twitter on Wednesday by CNN’s Jerry Diamond.

To test this, Mic set up a recurring donation of $1 to the Trump campaign and confirmed that the disgruntled donor was right. 

Not only is there no obvious way to cancel payments, but donors also cannot remove a credit card from the system. Instead, there’s only the option to switch to another credit card—and no, you can’t just type in random numbers because invalid cards are rejected. 

Mic reports that the only way to stop recurring donations to the Trump campaign is to cancel your credit card. 

Federal Election Commission spokesperson Christian Hilland told Mic that there’s nothing illegal about this because there are no explicit rules about the cancellation of recurring campaign contributions.

In contrast, Mic notes, the campaign of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton makes it a lot easier to cancel recurring payments. Once payment information is saved, there’s a clear, accessible option to remove your credit card. 

Guess this is just another key difference between the two presidential nominees. 

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