how to tell if someone blocked you on instagram

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How to tell if someone blocked you on Instagram

Those 344 drunken comments I left on your account were just a joke.


Christina Bonnington


Posted on Jun 1, 2017   Updated on May 23, 2021, 4:38 am CDT

Scrolling through Instagram the past few days, you’ve noticed something strange. A particular user you used to see all the time has disappeared from your feed. Perhaps it’s an ex who you’ve maintained social media friendliness with till now. Or perhaps it’s a celebrity account you have a tendency to comment on with zero filter. Have they… blocked you on Instagram?

It’s pretty easy (and quick) to find out.

How to tell if someone blocked you on Instagram

First, open the Instagram app. Head to the Discover tab (designated with a magnifying glass icon) and search for the person’s username. If their profile is public, you’ll be able to head to their profile. If you go to their profile and see a blue Follow button, along with a “No Posts Yet” icon where their photos would normally be, congratulations! You’ve been blocked. You can confirm this by trying to tap the Follow button on their profile—nothing will happen.

Blocked account view
Hopefully he’ll unblock me after this experiment is done. Screengrab via Christina Bonnington/Instagram

If the user in question has a private profile, this will take a little more work. First, you’ll need to find a mutual friend who follows this person. Then you’ll have to stalk their feed a bit. Find a post where your maybe-blocker liked or commented, and tap their name to go to their profile. From there, if you’re greeted with that blue Follow button and are unable to follow the individual, you’ve been blocked.


If you have been blocked, perhaps it’s time for a little self-reflection. Fight the instinct to immediately hop onto another social network and ask, “Hey man, why did you block me?” Perhaps you said something crude or offensive. Perhaps the other party feels your relationship has run its course or needs a little time without you in their life. Give it some time. Respect their decision. Everyone in the world doesn’t have to like you—or like your Instagram posts.

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*First Published: Jun 1, 2017, 5:00 am CDT