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Debate ends with two old men arguing about their golf scores

It is maybe not the most pressing issue facing the nation.


Marlon Ettinger


Former President Donald Trump bickered with President Joe Biden over the two men’s golf prowess after being questioned during the debate about their age and fitness for office.

“I just won two club championships, not even senior, just regular club championships,” Trump claimed as a testament to his intelligence and fitness. “You have to be quite smart and you have to be able to hit the ball a long way, and I do it. He doesn’t do it, he can’t hit a ball 50 yards.”

Biden looked outraged and bemused at Trump’s golf claims and said he’d be happy to have a golf driving contest with him.

Biden also said he’d got his golf handicap down to six when he was vice president, which was eight years ago. A handicap of six means that you shoot six strokes over par on a course, which is a very good performance.

“By the way, I told you before that I’m happy to play golf if you carry your own bag,” Biden said after Trump laughed and smiled at Biden’s handicap claim.

“That’s the biggest lie, that he was a six handicap,” Trump said.

“I was an eight handicap,” Biden said.

“Yeah,” Trump said sarcastically. “Never. I’ve seen your swing. I know your swing.”

“Let’s not act like children,” Trump said.

“You are a child,” Biden answered.

Said one X user, “Two men near death arguing about who is better at golf to attain access to the nuclear codes. should i kill myself?”

And that concluded the first presidential debate.

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