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‘He’s a very bad Palestinian’: Trump delivers wild take on Biden’s Israel stance

It makes… no sense.


Marlon Ettinger


During a debate segment where former President Donald Trump tried to ding President Joe Biden for having a weak position on Israel (but also Palestine), Trump called Biden “just like a Palestinian,” but claimed that Palestinians didn’t like him anyway because he’s a “very bad Palestinian” and a “weak one.”

While discussing the two candidates’ positions on a ceasefire in Gaza, Trump claimed that Biden wasn’t willing to let Israel “finish the job” by continuing its assault on the country.

Trump claimed that Biden thought only Hamas wanted to continue fighting the war, and said that Israel wanted to keep going too.

“And you should let them go and let them finish the job,” Trump said.

“that man just called Biden a Palestinian?? A very bad one?!??” posted @YzmasBiggestFan, noting the very confusing stance

Biden is currently under fire for his blanket support for Israel. Trump was criticizing him for wavering, and being pro-Palestine, but in doing so, also being bad at it.

Trump has frequently dinged Biden for supposedly not supporting Israel enough in its war on Gaza and for pushing, somewhat tepidly, for a ceasefire.

The “bad Palestinian” comment had posters who are critical of Biden’s support for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the invasion scratching their heads over just how much he’d have to support Israel for Trump to think it’s enough.

“Biden being like ‘I’m actually pretty pro genocide. You just gotta think about it.’ And Trump following it up with ‘we need unchecked genocide. He’s basically a Palestinian.’ I know it’s bad here, but, man,” posted @coopercooperco.

Trump using “Palestinian” as an insult had posters despairing about the state of the race.

“This is so bad bro… trump is out here using the word Palestinian like it’s a slur, and Biden is about five seconds away from croakin,” posted @zacholivera.

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