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Kid puts mom on blast for believing ‘antifa attacked the Capitol,’ not Trump supporters

The kid's mom came into their room to talk about how antifa attacked the Capitol. The kid recorded their exchange.


Esther Bell


Published Jan 17, 2021

A video of a child arguing with her mom over the Capitol riots is going viral. The kid’s mom came into their room to talk about how antifa attacked the Capitol, not Trump supporters, but the kid challenged her and recorded their whole exchange.

The mom apparently believed that those who had Trump hats on backward were part of the left-wing anti-fascist movement simply disguising themselves as Trump supporters.

“They were mixed in with the Trump supporters. … They’re antifa, dressed in MAGA clothes,” the mom said in the video.

“Tell me that again. What is wrong with that sentence?” the child questioned.

When the mom couldn’t answer her question, the child said it just proves that Trump supporters were also storming the Capitol.

The mom said that the real Trump supporters were only outside the Capitol, protesting, but the kid pushed back and said Trump supporters were the ones inciting violence.

“They were terrorizing people,” the child retorted.

The mom then called the child Nina, to which the kid replied, “Not my name either. Please don’t use that name. … Your stupidity is gross.”

Viewers loved the child’s reaction when they called out their parent, particularly the “your stupidity is gross” line.

“I love a smart a** mouth,” one user said.

Other adults have been called out on social media for spreading the same idea that antifa attacked the Capitol. Students in Florida recorded their teacher making the same argument in class.

And the child in this video is not the only one who has exposed their parents for supporting Trump or believing in certain lies.

One teen called out her mom who attended the Capitol riot after telling her daughter she couldn’t go to a Black Lives Matter protest because they were too violent.

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*First Published: Jan 17, 2021, 2:04 pm CST