Donald Trump Jr. claims his father knows what millennials want


Photo via Matthew Hurst/Flickr (CC-BY-SA)

Millennials love outsiders, m'kay?

Donald Trump, the 70-year-old billionaire, knows exactly what millennials like. Millennials like outsiders. Insiders? Not so much.

That’s sort of the only point being made apparently in Trump’s latest campaign ad—or tweet. “This is not a Republican vs. Democrat election,” it says. “This is about an insider versus an outsider.”

Trump’s children, staring blankly, resemble vampires from the Twilight series, with full windsor knots and slicked-back hair. These are all things liked by millennials, right? 

The Trump children are tapped as #MillenialsForTrump and #StudentsForTrump, though none of the 30-something Trump kids are currently students. Baron, the only millennial of the family, sidesteps the campaign altogether while Tiffany is missing from action as well.

This is the most awkward campaign image tweeted by Donald Trump Jr. in days—at least since that hoax letter “authored” by Hillary Clinton. He'll have to step things up if he ever hopes to be as awkward as his father, though, who, for some reason, can’t stop accidentally tweeting pictures of Nazis. (Damn interns.)

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