Dell Cameron

Dell Cameron was a reporter at the Daily Dot who covered security and politics. In 2015, he revealed the existence of an American hacker on the U.S. government's terrorist watchlist. He is a co-author of the Sabu Files, an award-nominated investigation into the FBI's use of cyber-informants. He became a staff writer at Gizmodo in 2017.

Key in Car Lock

Data breach of U.S. auto lender left over 500K customers exposed

The leaked files contained full names, addresses, FICO credit scores, and partial Social Security numbers.

On Apr 28, 2017 by Dell Cameron

Donald Trump in Make America Great Again Hat

ACLU slams Trump in ‘100 days of failure’ report

'As Trump’s 100th day in office approaches, it is clear that resistance to his unconstitutional and un-American policies is everywhere.'

On Apr 27, 2017 by Dell Cameron

Trader on Computer with Coffee

Data breach at online trading firm exposed customer credit reports, Social Security numbers

The leak consisted of about 70GB of data at a firm reportedly doing about $50 million in business.

On Apr 27, 2017 by Dell Cameron

Head Bomb Retro Art

Political sabotage and rampant ransomware ruled cybercrime in 2016

Symantec's annual report details significant shifts in the world of cyber espionage and crime.

On Apr 25, 2017 by Dell Cameron

Donald Trump making a speech

Trump fails to deliver a new cybersecurity plan within 90 days, as promised

The White House has offered up no plan to combat malicious cyberattacks by foreign hackers.

On Apr 20, 2017 by Dell Cameron

A school classroom full of empty desks.

1.3 million K-12 students exposed by now-secured data breach

Schoolzilla, a student data warehouse platform, reacted quickly to secure the students' data.

On Apr 20, 2017 by Dell Cameron

U.S. Pentagon aerial photo shows the aftermath of the March 16 attack near western Aleppo, Syria.

Reports: U.S. forces ‘misidentified’ Syrian mosque targeted by drones, killing civilians

The reports contradict previous claims by U.S. officials.

On Apr 18, 2017 by Dell Cameron

The U.S. Capitol building at dawn.

Senate probe into Obama admin. ‘unmasking’ efforts is being overblown, sources say

Senate sources say there's no evidence to show the Obama administration acted improperly.

On Apr 13, 2017 by Dell Cameron

devin nunes jeff sessions threaten reporters

Classified docs touted by Nunes show no wrongdoing by Susan Rice, report claims

Both Republican and Democrats have apparently viewed the classified reports.

On Apr 12, 2017 by Dell Cameron

Former Trump campaign advisor Carter Page giving a speech in Moscow.

FBI obtained secret warrant to surveil Trump adviser linked to Russia

Carter Page, once Trump foreign policy advisor, was accused of acting as an agent of a foreign power.

On Apr 12, 2017 by Dell Cameron

Customs officers await a greyhound bus for inspection in shirts reading: 'U.S. Border Patrol.'

U.S. Customs agency withdraws Twitter summons over ‘alternative agency’ account

This was a losing battle, the U.S. government agency soon realized.

On Apr 7, 2017 by Dell Cameron

Former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton

Trump’s Syrian strike echoes actions of presidents past

President Trump's predecessors gave him plenty of excuses for attacking Syria without Congress.

On Apr 7, 2017 by Dell Cameron

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

White House reverses stance on Syria, urges Russia to drop Assad support

In an about-face, White House officials are now calling for the ouster of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

On Apr 6, 2017 by Dell Cameron

Sen Edward Markey

Democrats demand transparency from internet providers after GOP kills privacy rules

'In 2017, broadband access is no longer a luxury; it is essential,' wrote Sen. Markey.

On Apr 5, 2017 by Dell Cameron

Susan Rice on Charlie Rose

Susan Rice dismisses claims she improperly ‘unmasked’ Trump staff

Obama's former top security advisor says she only viewed reports the intelligence community deemed important.

On Apr 4, 2017 by Dell Cameron