The Force is strong in these Photoshops of Ken Bone's 'Star Wars' costume

Ken Bone in Star Wars

Screengrab via Imgur

Ken Bone is in minute 16 of his 15 minutes of fame, but let go of your hate.

Just when you thought Ken Bone’s 15 minutes were up, Reddit’s Photoshop Battles delivers him “a new hope.”

Bone, the undecided voter who quickly cashed in on and crashed his meme status, was one of Halloween’s most popular costumes. He’s been ubiquitous in pop culture since the second presidential debate, and his mustache and red IZOD sweater combo made for a perfectly easy last-minute costume. 

But Bone himself went as a Star Wars character—“ObiWan Kenboni,” to be specific. 

That image found its way over to Reddit, where Photoshop masters remixed him into different Star Wars scenes and promotional posters.

This “glitch in the Matrix” is pretty meta. This baseball remix would be a lot more topical if he were rocking a Cubs helmet, but it’s still solid. Congrats, Ken. You’ve reached the final stages of memehood. Enjoy it for all it’s worth these next seven days.
ken bone
R.I.P. Ken Bone, the man who memed too close to the sun
A week after charming America at a presidential town hall debate and becoming a meme, red sweater man Ken Bone 's stock suddenly plummeted. He called attention to an old Reddit account, with a history of unfortunate comments left public for anyone to see. Who could have seen this coming?
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