The definitive list of 2016's best tweets—don't @ us

Best Tweet of 2016 gold medal

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These are the good tweets. All decisions final. No appeals allowed.

Tweets. Tuites. Toots. They're short, and most of them are bad. In 2016, there were more bad ones than ever. Just the worst. Twitter has evolved into a kneejerk outrage generator, and it finally got a chance to test its weaponized Hot Take technology on a presidential election between the two least-liked candidates in recent history. The results were breathtakingly awful. 

But, there were some tiny, glimmering pinpricks in the shroud of depression and misery that is Twitter, little lights of joy or snark that kept us from deleting our accounts. Some of them were the abstract meme artworks of Da Share z0ne. Most of them were, if we're being honest, pics of Libby Watson's cat, Digby

A small and glorious number, however, were just, like... good jokes. Little things we could laugh at instead of burning down our homes for the insurance money. Here are 50 of them. This is the list. You may be thinking "There were other good tweets, though!" No. Stop. This is the list. 

Goodnight, 2016 Twitter. Log off forever. 


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