Artist builds tiny border wall around Donald Trump's Hollywood star

trump wall star

Illustration by Max Fleishman

That ought to keep the immigrants out.
Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star—awarded for his work as a fickle, loudmouthed, and impossible-to-please reality TV boss—has seen its share of protest vandalism during this election season. Meanwhile, there has been no shortage of satire surrounding his plans to build a massive border wall between the United States and Mexico.

Now it appears that an artist who goes by Plastic Jesus has combined the two ideas into one adorably provocative installation.

The 6-inch wall, according to LA Weekly, features both barbed wire and Plastic Jesus' motto of the moment: "Stop making stupid people famous." (Obviously, Los Angeles is a rich vein for him.)Sightseers were more than amused by the prank, which was heavily documented on social media before its inevitable dismantling. Look how happy they are about guaranteed domestic security!

Of course, not everyone is tickled.

No, Carolyn. None of us will be laughing then.

H/T LA Weekly

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