Apple users fire off their gun emoji one last time

Emoji gun shoots OSX flag

Illustration by Jason Reed

RIP gun emoji.

Thousands of Apple users are taking to Twitter to mourn the loss of the gun emoji in the iOS 10 update.

The software update includes over one hundred new and updated emoji, including new female athletes and professionals, a new rainbow flag, and more family options. As users update their devices, many aren’t concerned with the new diversity portrayed on their phone, but instead are preoccupied with the loss of their right to carry a gun emoji.

The gun emoji isn’t actually gone. Newly disguised in a lime green color, it’s been modified to appear as a squirt gun emoji instead of a lethal device.

Users say the loss of the gun emoji means they won’t be updating their iPhone’s operating systems anytime soon.

Not everyone is upset about the update. Gun control activists welcome the change, while others simply think the water gun is cute.

People have previously been arrested for using the gun emoji. For example, the Washington Post reported in February that a 12-year-old in Fairfax, Virginia, faced criminal charges for using the gun emoji in an Instagram post. So if you're going to give it a sendoff, well—keep the safety on. 

Water pistol replacing gun emoji in iOS 10, and it's causing more confusion than laughs
The next version of Apple's mobile operating system will come with a squirt gun. It's one of more than 100 new and redesigned emoji characters that will be rolling out with iOS 10 in the fall, and the water pistol is replacing the current pistol emoji that looks like a real weapon.
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