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ESL Cologne 2015 An esports lawyer explains how the new team 'union' will push esports forward
Bryce Blum talks about how this collaboration is a very good thing.
Cloud9 Balls Balls and his Darius pentakill power Cloud9 to upset victory
Balls got the last laugh today.
counter-strike trick shot This Counter-Strike trick shot is unbelievable
Looking for a new trick shot to attempt in 'Counter-Strike'? How about one that involves launching a rifle across the map with an explosion?
Niels Niels on going undefeated at Worlds, Hermit's coaching, and Origen's winning mentality
Origen's hot start is powered in part by their rookie star.
Origen beat KT Rolster Origen now leads their group at Worlds after win over KT Rolster
The European side beat the favored KT Rolster continuing a tourney of upsets.
Three Up - Three Down - October 3 MaRin and Cloud9 hot, China and Darius not at the third day of Worlds
On the second day of Worlds, China continued to drop the ball as Cloud9 and KT Rolster continued to perform.