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If the government wants to spy on you, there's nothing you can do to stop it
Stopping CISA won't stop the government from getting your information.
Ron Wyden Ron Wyden, the Internet's senator
After two decades in the Senate, privacy hawk Ron Wyden is still going strong.
Google sign Federal judge halts MPAA-backed investigation into Google
Did the MPAA order an illegal censorship campaign against Google?
US congress with twitter birds overlaid Texas Republican insists study of Internet memes is a liberal conspiracy
Pop quiz: Do spammy Twitter bots have free speech rights?
aaron swatz hackathon Celebrating Aaron Swartz at the Internet Archive hackathon
They came, they hacked, they remembered their fallen friend.
dianne feinstein with net neutrality logos superimposed on face Meet CISA, the Internet's new enemy in Washington
Get your pitchforks ready.