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Picture of woman on cracked iPhone screen Woman blackmails more than 20 men with Skype sex footage
She invites them to perform sex acts on Skype, then threatens blackmail.
man hacking a computer with the Hacking Team logo on the screen Hacking Team, a surveillance-software firm, has been hacked
A massive trove of internal emails and files was apparently dumped online.
Hololens NASA and Microsoft are bringing Hololens augmented-reality tools to the ISS
Project Sidekick will help astronauts better communicate with Earth.
Glass bowl packed with cannabis Here's why you should never trust a medical marijuana 'doctor' you meet on Skype
Drugs are great. Except when they're not.
Microsoft quietly confirms it's building a massive Wi-Fi network
You may never leave the Internet again.
These 8 characters will permanently crash Skype
Beware of people sending you incomplete URLs via Skype chat.