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13-year-old credited with hacking CIA director's AOL account gives bizarre, possibly final interview
'We’re going dark because we have every usa agency after us.'
How the government scapegoats hackers to justify violating your privacy
It's not just a matter of bombings anymore. Now, even code poses a threat.
CIA Director CIA Director John Brennan's alleged hacker distances himself from claims
Following international attention, 'cracka' changes his story.
illustration of a chinese flag shaped like a stock graph China arrests hackers at the request of the U.S. government
But details are in short supply.
corrupted, artifact-laced image of a kid coding on a computer Even using link shorteners like Bitly can compromise your security
A short URL brute-force attack can yield private info.
abstract glitched art of the ashley madison logo Ashley Madison hackers just released a new, bigger data dump
This just went from bad to worse.