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Archivists of tragedy: Excavating the mystery of Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple
Nearly 40 years ago, more than 900 people died in a commune called Jonestown. Poring over thousands of documents, letters, and audiotapes, a husband-and-wife team try to understand why.
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Cryptokids Inside one transparency activist's multi-year quest to crack the NSA's CryptoKids
'You can get answers, but it's all about refusing to back down.'
Merrick Garland Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland has strong record on government transparency
The Chicago-born Garland is a veteran of the second-most important court in the country.
Chaffetz, Cummings probe DOJ over Office of Legal Counsel's response to FOIAs
Top lawmakers are concerned that the Obama administration is trying to avoid transparency.
Bill Clinton and Tony Blair laughing Can you tell which Bill Clinton and Tony Blair transcriptions are actually real?
On holding bananas and punching hams.
Supreme Court of the United States Petition urges Supreme Court to force DHS to reveal cellphone killswitch plan
EPIC first asked for documents in 2011.