How to solve a Rubik's Cube in under 2 minutes

rubik's cube

Screenshot via YouTube (CC-BY-SA)

You'll be able to impress all your friends (and make some new ones) with this trick.

If you've enviously watched those videos on YouTube of people solving a Rubik's Cube at brain-boggling speeds, there's good news: Now you can learn how to do it yourself. 

Created by YouTuber Mike Boyd as a part of his Learn Quick series, the video explains how it's possible to solve the cube by memorizing specific algorithms. If you aren't math-minded it may hurt your brain, but if numbers are your friend and you're willing to put in some practice time, you can get up to a pretty impressive solve time. Boyd's went from 22 minutes to less than 2 minutes with 23 days of practice.

The method Boyd uses is known as the Fridrich Method, or most commonly as CFOP. It started to pop up in speedcubing matches in the early '80s and was finally posted online by Czech speedcuber Jessica Fridrich in 1997. If it seems too complicated, you can also try out the Beginner's Method.

Just in case you need an extra push to give it a shot, check out some legendary speedcubers in action below. You could earn lifelong bragging rights! Start clicking those cubes.

rubiks cube
14-year-old breaks world record time for solving Rubik's Cube
At the tender age of 14, Lucas Etter is already setting world records. At River Hill Fall 2015, a Rubik's Cube competition, the teen solved the colorful puzzle in a mere 4.9 seconds. With that time, he broke the world record, shaving 0.6 seconds from his previous best. Check out how everyone freaks when they realize what Etter just did.
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