'Ghostbusters' finally gets the Honest Trailer it deserves


Screengrab via Screen Junkies/YouTube

Complete with too many soup jokes.

Screen Junkies, which took down the much-maligned Ghostbusters 2 ahead of the release of the all-female Ghostbusters reboot back in July, is now setting its sights on the movie that, at one point in 2016, was among its most polarizing storylines.

It’s still so polarizing among fans of the original movie, people who hate reboots, and people who had issues with Ghostbusters being rebooted with women (many of them men)—not to mention that Donald Trump shout out—that Screen Junkies preemptively turned off the comments for its latest Honest Trailers upon its release. Ghostbusters was judged before anyone saw it, but once they did, it...was not as bad as everyone thought, but still bad, according to Screen Junkies’ rather brutal assessment.

So how accurate is the scorching? Well, it really depends on what you thought of the movie. Did you have issues with the awkward cameos, the characterizations, or the fact that it relies too much on the original, among other things? Then it’s for you. If you were a fan of the character-driven comedy? Even if you admit its flaws, you might not like the takedown as much.

What we can agree on? That Fall Out Boy cover was horrendous.

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