‘Honest Trailers’ notes that ‘Ghostbusters 2’ was actually terrible

ghostbusters 2 honest trailer

Screengrab via ScreenJunkies/YouTube

Just a ghost of the original.

For those who think the forthcoming Ghostbusters reboot will ruin the franchise, Screen Junkies have released an honest trailer pointing out that Ghostbusters 2 already did that.

In the latest Honest Trailers episode, they outline how the storyline in Ghostbusters 2 is exactly the same as the first one, except worse. The plot follows the same arc, with characters who start as unpopular scientists who eventually save a rich guy from ghosts, go on a spree, and then save the day from a large icon stomping through the city. 

A side-by-side montage of shots between the first and second Ghostbusters outlines the obvious similarities. 

Finally, the clip points out that the franchise threw out all the adult comedy for kid stuff with the sequel. If you want to remember how weirdly grownup a kids’ movie was, the Honest Trailers episode for the original Ghostbusters notes the sheer amount of swearing and ghost sex. 

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