Suicide bomber injures 12 at music festival in Ansbach, Germany
A syrian asylum seeker detonated a bomb outside a music festival in Germany this weekend.
Woman on Craigslist roasts ex who gave her 'breakup blender'
Hell hath no fury like a woman who receives a totally bizarre breakup gift.
2 dead, at least 14 injured during mass shooting at Florida nightclub
The shooting took place at around 12.30am ET Monday morning at Club Blu in Fort Myers.
No legendary Pokémon released at Pokémon Go SDCC panel
Niantic revealed the avatars of the Pokémon Go team leaders.
Trump denounces David Duke, but whether he'd support his opponent would 'depend on the Democrat'
The Republican party has been quick to distance itself from Duke.
'Supernatural' SDCC panel includes casting announcement, fan engagement
Season 12 of 'Supernatural' will rock you.