When Kickstarter debuted in 2009, creative types hoping to create the next big thing in everything from menswear to health food were given the opportunity to appeal directly to the public for funding. 

It was a revolutionary concept, one that altogether bypassed the formidable gauntlet of publishers, labels, bankers, and others who used to stand in the way of suspect business ideas. The crowdfunding platform has given rise to meta-Kickstarter projects, countless parodies, and a few scams. It’s even been a comedic platform, with campaign determined to back “Dat Ass Up.”

But for every truly great idea on Kickstarter, there’s an equally terrible one, some of which have actually managed to get funded. Here’s a look at 10 successful projects that could not be called “successful” by any other objective standard.  

1) Comfy Breasts™

Goal: $2,500
Raised: $2,701
Completed: May 20, 2013

If the phrase “comfy breasts” hasn’t already tripped some internal alarms, entrepreneur Michael C. Reilly would like to have a word with you. A handyman some have “likened … to MacGyver,” Reilly has a solution to the discomfort some women apparently feel when they sleep on top of their breasts. Unfortunately, that solution is just a hole in the mattress. No, really. This is the prototype: 

And it’s pretty close to the finished product. The success of Comfy Breasts is a measured one, and by closing in at just over $200 over its goal, we can say he may have overstated the need for this product. But there’s only one way to tell: Happy anniversary, sweetheart!