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This WCW, feel the love between YouTube’s Jelly and Day

The pair’s channel has given audiences a personal connection to the LGBT community.


Carly Lanning


Angelica Perez and DayLynn Acacia—lovingly known as Jelly and Day—are by far one of the sweetest couples YouTube has ever known.

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Jelly and Day originally started making YouTube videos in 2010 with the purpose of simultaneously documenting their relationship and finding an outlet to combat their stressful full-time jobs. But what has kept viewers coming back to the channel over the years is the genuine fun and contagious laughter the two cause in every video from “The Girlfriend Tag” to their Question and Answers and challenges.

The girls first met in 2010 through a mutual friend at a hookah bar and have been inseparable ever since. While currently engaged, the pair have yet to set a date for their upcoming nuptials (which I do not doubt will be full of their signature kiss attacks). It’s their over-the-top, can’t-get-enough-of-each-other, never-spent-a-night-apart-in-four-years kind of love that really sets the channel apart and makes their adventures stand out from other vlogs.

Along with their main channel videos—including challenges, stories, and collaborations with others YouTubers—the pair produces five vlogs a week on their second channel documenting their daily lives and favorite people. While it might not have been their mission setting out, through their growth and dedication to YouTube, the pair’s channel has given audiences a personal connection to the LGBT community and normalized LGBT relationships. They have helped pave the path for the ever-growing community of LGBT vloggers who’re changing perceptions of same-sex relationships, including Shep689, Still Soundly Awake, Kaelynn and Lucy, and Ashley Mardell and Grace Hiltner.

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But what sets Jelly and Day apart is the incredible connection they strive to maintain with their fans. Through Twitter and Instagram, the pair are constantly chatting with their 134,000 subscribers in ways that are personal, hilarious, and caring. Last month, after the pair’s laptop and iPad were stolen from the trunk of their car, fans raised over $2,500 for replacements so that their favorite creators could get back to making great content.

With the growth of their channel, both Jelly and Day have been able to quit their jobs to pursue YouTube full-time and continue spreading joy and happiness in every way they can. As a YouTube user, what excites me most about Jelly and Day is the great example of a healthy, loving relationship they’re presenting for their countless fans. By watching them over the years, fans have learned that respect, unconditional support, fun, and strong communication not only set the foundation for a relationship, but are things every person deserves.

Plus they’ve taught the world how to love a good wine slushie, so in total, these two have left the YouTube ecosystem a little better than when they found it.

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