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Need another place to vent about the Super Bowl? You got it. 

If you want to trash-talk the Super Bowl, now you have a place to do it, thanks to one long-suffering Pittsburgh Steelers fan.

Mitch Donaberger, 24, and Brian Howe (@balexhowe) are the creators of SB46 Trash Talk, a website where people chose what team they are rooting for—the New York Giants or New England Patriot— and anonymously tweet about either one. All messages posted on the site are anonymously tweeted on @SB46TrashTalk using software developed Andrey Shipilov, a Russian Web developer.

“We’re getting people from all over the world,” Donaberger told the Daily Dot.  “People can spout the kind of stuff without worrying about the repercussions.”

And that’s exactly why Donaberger created the account and website late last week. At his advertising job Donaberger has “clients, our bosses and other types constantly monitoring us for foul play.” All sorts of language can be used in the tweets but those with racial slurs or hyperlinks are banned, he said. So far the account has collected more than 400 tweets.

While most messages are football related, others are completely random, almost as if people are testing to see if the account is indeed real and anonymous, Donabeger said.

“It made me laugh a lot,” he said. “It’s neat to see people experiment with the format and see what they can do. That’s what’s really interesting. You get to see people interact with something they aren’t sure of.”

After the game, Donaberger plans on analyzing the tweets to see which team collected the most mentions. But in the meantime, he has one piece of advice on who people should root for.

“This Super Bowl root for the Giants, cause I hate the Pats,” he said. “It’s the best of two evils.”

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