A look back at the DNC’s most emo attendees

The new Russia scandal Trump and his supporters want you to care about
A new report has ignited a scandal that ropes in Trump supporters' favorite enemy: Hillary Clinton.

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Silenced Bernie Sanders Fan

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Bernie Sanders fans were all up in their feelings.

The Daily Dot is observing Emo Week with a nostalgic trip down the oft-derided genre’s most influential, infamous alleys. Cue up your favorite CD-R and hug it out with us.

The 2016 Democratic National Convention, held in Philadelphia this week, was filled with historical speeches, celebrity cameos, and a bunch of really emo attendees. 

Yes, emo, that left-behind musical phase everyone tries to forget. The adolescent era where many feel misunderstood by the world and neglected emotions ran through daily thoughts.

People who made their appearance, whether inside or outside the convention, let their guards down to show how they really felt about the political race that is taking our country for a roller coaster ride. 

Besides the absent thick eyeliner streaming down faces and beaded bracelets stacked up to their elbows, many DNC delegates had themselves an existential crisis.  

Jason Reed

Stephen Colbert showed up at the DNC on opening night looking blue, which fit his suppressed mood.

The moment when Lance Bass realizes he is all alone in a room filled with Democrats, but proceeds to act like he is alright. 

One of the recognized signs of being emo—malnutrition. 

Crowds talk over Gov. Jerry Brown of California, during his speech, and it looks as if he is internally screaming.

Of the most emo in attendance, supporters of Bernie Sanders made it no secret they were rebelling against Sanders’s endorsement of the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Susan Sarandon was caught looking miserable, owning up to it in a reply tweet an hour later. 

On night three of the DNC, President Barack Obama embraced Hillary after a tear-jerking speech—sending us all in a flurry for emotional support.

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Bernie Sanders brings supporters to tears as he unifies with Hillary Clinton at DNC
It was the most highly anticipated speech of the night.
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