Rich Chigga

Screengrab via 88rising/YouTube


You remember Rich Chigga, right? The viral rapper who’s 17 and from Indonesia? In February, his single “Dat $tick” landed in the U.S. via YouTube and became a tidal wave by July

Wu-Tang Clan legend Ghostface Killah said he loved it—we figured in passing, maybe as a joke. Nope. Chigga and the 46-year-old rapper on Wednesday released a “Dat $tick” remix.

It also features Miami rapper Pouya. There’s no two ways about this, folks: It’s pretty fantastic.

Pouya has been somewhat overlooked today in the news cycle, and he’s apparently cranky about his performance getting left behind:

He’s pretty damn good on it, too. Pouya gets the most impressive technical, double-time verses in there. 

The whole project will inspire you to rob a bank. You be the getaway driver, I’ll go get my ski mask.


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