IT: Pennywise anime version

Screengrab via KevChelios/Twitter

Someone animated that anime-style drawing of Pennywise and it’s terrifying

It’s just as scary as the live-action film.


Michelle Jaworski


Pennywise the Clown has a particular way of scaring the utter crap out of kids and adults alike, but as one fan’s animated clip demonstrates, the fearful appeal of It’s titular villain is practically universal.

After the theatrical release of It, Mike Anderson shared a couple of his Pennywise drawings that redesigned him to look like the perfect villain in an anime on social media. One of them looked like it came out an It anime adaptation, showing Pennywise with George Denbrough’s paper boat. In the photo’s caption, Anderson expressed interest in seeing or working on an “It anime or comic series.”

A couple weeks later, we got to see a bit of Anderson’s wish realized. Terra Collective vocalist and freelance graphic designer Kevin Duran took Anderson’s art—specifically the piece of Pennywise with the boat—and added a bit of dialogue and animation to it. It expands the scene a bit more than the artwork does and proves at least one thing: it totally would work as an anime.

We’d definitely pay to see more of that—at least before running off to hide under the covers.

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