He doesn’t have anyone lined up yet, but Pendleton Ward announced on Tumblr that he wants to interview “people who work on video games.”

The mind who brought the world such characters as Finn the Human and Jake the Dog has his sights set on a new project: interviewing video game personalities.

Pendleton Ward, the artist behind Cartoon Network’s popular Emmy-winning series Adventure Time, enthusiastically announced his desire on his newly created Tumblr, I Love Games You Guys.

“My name is Pendleton Ward.  I want to interview people who work on video games,” simply states the blog’s first post on Aug. 24.

Ward posted a few animated Mario GIFs in the following days, along with a request for “anyone that I can call who worked on Mario.”  Several Adventure Time fans almost immediately replied to him with assistance. “I have a friend that has talked to Charles Martinet (the voice actor of Mario) over AOL Instant Messenger a few times. I can see if he can ask,” wrote glod14k.

On Ward’s Twitter, user Todd Webb offered “my friend Ben worked on the iPhone Oregon Trail I could hook you up.”

So far, no game creators have announced an interest in working with Ward.

But with 50,000 fans following him on Twitter and over three million likes on the Adventure Time Facebook page, Ward’s impact on the pop culture landscape is rather noticeable. Numerous Adventure Time fan pages and an extensive merchandising line further cement his appeal to the video game industry’s largely young audience.

If video game professionals do come forward to be interviewed by the enthusiastic animator, their words certainly won’t fall on deaf ears.  

Photo via mooshuu/Flickr

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