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Kim Petras trolls Westboro Baptist Church picketers with photoshoot

‘Kim Petras can’t be bothered!’


Sierra Juarez


When Westboro Baptist Church announced it would protest the German pop star Kim Petras’ concert in Missouri, Petras began planning her clapback.

The church, which is known for its anti-LGBTQ stance, said the “lord [was] willing” a protest against the transgender celeb. In a viral video posted on Sunday, Petras had a mini-photoshoot in a black unitard and knee-high boots in front of the protesters outside her concert.

“Kim Petras looks beautiful and unbothered as members of the Westboro Baptist Church picket her concert,” Pop Crave tweeted.

The church had announced its plan on Thursday via Twitter. The flyer stated that this generation was “debasing themselves in every imaginable and unimaginable way.”

Petras released an “official statement” about the church’s protest this weekend. It was a video of her dancing to the song “Hoes Mad” by Famous Dex with the caption “idgaf.” (That’s internet slang for “I don’t give a fuck.”)

Twitter loved her tweet to the church and the photoshoot.

Petras became famous worldwide in the 2000s for her appearance in a documentary about reassignment surgery. She was thought to be one of the youngest people to go through transition. A few years later, she became a model and then began releasing music.

She’s on tour to promote her 2019 album Clarity.


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